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aboutMYmortgage.com is a team of highly seasoned mortgage industry professionals who have been in the business for many years. Our revolutionary and patented process for bringing homeowners and mortgage loan servicers together is returning the industry back to the high levels of professionalism it once celebrated.

We’ve seen time and again the avoidable and costly mistakes homeowners often make when refinancing that leads to a negative impact on their financial future. Many times this is a result of the potential new lending company not providing all the facts regarding the homeowner’s current mortgage….facts they don’t want them to know about!

We also understand the lack of opportunity mortgage servicing companies have in being able to communicate with their current customer before they refinance with another company. Sometimes this lack of communication can lead to complaints to regulatory agencies, and at times, result in unnecessary damage to a servicer’s reputation.

Our mission is simple, yet comprehensive. We exist solely to:
  • Empower homeowners to make the most informed decision possible regarding refinancing and their financial future by connecting them to their mortgage loan servicer for ALL the facts about their current mortgage loan
  • Protect the interests of mortgage loan servicers and mortgage investors
  • Provide an open communications opportunity between homeowners and servicers to help prevent any misunderstandings that may result in complaints to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and potential damage to servicer reputation 
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