AMM Advisory Board

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Daniel McLaughlin – Daniel has been redesigning business processes and integrating new technologies in the mortgage banking industry for more than 30 years.  Dan is a founder of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS) and was the architect of the MERS System, the MERS Commercial System and the MERS eRegistry.  He designed the business processes and procedures under which MERS operates. MERS was created to streamline the mortgage process by using electronic commerce.  Dan is a Managing Director at The Hilltop Companies and President of Hilltop iSolutions. Together, the companies provide advice on lending, loan servicing, credit policy, accounting issues, tax strategies, financial valuations,  operational enhancements,  as well as technology/data solutions.

Samuel A. McCullough – Samuel serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Griffin Holdings Group LLC.  He has experience in financing commercial and industrial companies and economic development projects, and in the financial services industry.  Sam served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Meridian BanCorp. from 1978 to 1996.  He is the past chairperson of the International Financial Conference, a past chairman of the Association of Bank Holding Companies, and a former board member of both the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and the Federal Advisory Council to the Federal Reserve Board.

Wade Hamby – Wade has an extensive background in mortgage lending, mortgage insurance, and mortgage outsourcing.  Wade is the National Director of Sales and Marketing at The StoneHill Group, Inc., which provides consulting, project management and outsource services to the mortgage, credit union, and banking industries.

Thomas Kuehne – Thomas is the former CEO and Chairman of the Board at Lipsky and Associates, Inc. which markets BiSaver and presently serves as SVP and Advisor to the company since 1981.  BiSaver offers a biweekly mortgage payment system to help homeowners save thousands of dollars on mortgage payments. The company provides its service through various mortgage servicers, which hires BiSaver to offer its program to mortgage holders.  Tom is a veteran of many years in the mortgage banking business.

Nitin Dave – Nitin has 35 years’ experience in mortgage banking, consumer banking, investment banking and commercial lending, with a focus on mortgage servicing operations and secondary marketing executions via cash and securitization.  He worked 25 years at Fannie Mae, and currently is VP of Servicing & Securitization at Southern Trust.  His background includes demonstrated skills in marketing account management and was the relationship manager for Fannie Mae’s top 25 mortgage servicer accounts.