I Can’t Afford To Make My Next Mortgage Payment And Need Help

I can't afford to make my next payment. What can I do?

The first step is to talk with your mortgage servicer to help them understand your financial situation or even ask them to refinance your mortgage to lower your payment. But before you talk with them make sure you know exactly what your credit profile looks like.

1. Check Your Credit Score

Your Credit Score May Be Higher Than You Think!

Many times, consumers assume they will not qualify for a new loan or a lower interest rate. The first step to understanding your current financial position is knowing your credit score.

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2. Increase Your Credit Score

40 Points on Your Credit Score Could Cost You $40,000 on a 30-Year Mortgage

If you have a low credit score or less than perfect credit you can try to improve your score before you begin the refinancing process.

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If questionable negative items are hurting your credit, removing them can improve your score. According to CreditCards.com and CNNMoney, even a single negative on your credit could cost you over 100 points. Lexington Law offers a free credit consultation for all of aboutMYmortgage.com users.


3. Contact Home Loan Port

The tools to make keeping your home possible

Homeowner Connect allows a homeowner to ask for assistance with their mortgage. It takes just a few minutes to begin an application and there are housing counselors available to offer advice or answer your questions along the way.

Submitting an application is easy. Click here to get started.