How We Help Servicers

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“ is a patented customer retention platform that creates long-term relationships between borrowers and their mortgage servicer. Our patented process is designed to reduce prepayment speeds and increase the value of MSRs! provides homeowners direct access to their mortgage servicer and servicers are given the opportunity to retain customers when it benefits their customer and recapture customers when a new loan is inevitable. Servicers can also offer their customers more options than just refinancing such as home equity loans/lines, purchase loans, mortgage modification, bi-monthly payment programs, escrow analysis, recasting, short sale, and other products and services. In addition, mortgage servicers will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns homeowners may have regarding their mortgage directly with them before the homeowner submits a complaint to the CFPB, another regulatory body, or the press. aboutMYmortgage charges a flat fee for customer referrals versus a servicer losing thousands of dollars in future profits when a refinance is consummated with another lender.

The Problem:

Homeowners often make costly mistakes when refinancing a mortgage because they do not understand all the facts about their current mortgage and the refinancing options that are available from their existing mortgage servicer. Mortgage trigger leads and payoff requests are the most common customer retention devices used by mortgage loan servicers today. Trigger leads are generated when a lender pulls a copy of a customer’s credit report (hard inquiry) relative to a new mortgage or mortgage refinance. The problem with trigger leads is that very often, either immediately before or immediately after the credit report is pulled, the customer pays for an appraisal and is thus financially committed to the new lender. Payoff requests happen after an appraisal has been completed, the new loan is approved and the customer is committed to another lender. Until now, customer retention specialists had no opportunity to compete with loan originators at this important juncture.

The Solution:

Millions of Americans search the Internet for refinance information every year.  Unfortunately, mortgage servicers do not have enough forewarning that a borrower wants to refinance until it’s too late. attracts homeowners actively looking to refinance and connects them with their mortgage servicer during the initial information gathering process. As a member of our Preferred Servicer Network, your current customers will be shepherded back to your customer retention specialists. The CRSs are provided the opportunity to educate your customer about their existing mortgage, answer any questions they may have, utilize loan comparison calculators and provide mortgage products or other solutions that you offer. Homeowners are empowered to make an informed financial decision that may save them thousands of dollars and you retain your customer.

Training programs for retention specialists are available and can be adapted to the servicer’s needs.

If you own MSRs/Excess MSRs, service loans for yourself or subservice loans for others contact us today to schedule a meeting and learn how you can become a Preferred Servicer. Call 888.684.2220 or email us at:

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Empowering Servicers

  • Retain valuable customers
  • Provide customers educated choices
  • Reduce customer complaints
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Program Advantages

  • No Collection of PII
  • No Query of Lender Database Required
  • Exclusive Referrals for a Reasonable Price 
  • Customized Marketing Campaigns Available