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What, LLC, has to sell.

  1. Our IP – U.S. Patent No. 8,860,939, titled: ‘Method for Mortgage Customer Retention’ that is good till Oct 2027. It provides an otherwise unavailable win/win opportunity for borrowers and their mortgage servicers!
    (aboutMYmortgage Patent Information)
  2. Our mortgage company:, a licensed mortgage brokerage in Florida and can presently sell mortgage leads in 29 additional states. ( is licensed but has never originated any mortgages, so there are no past loan problems for a purchaser).

The (AMM) process has the potential of generating tens of millions of dollars annually for a company that has web traffic and knows how to convert that web traffic to leads. And it has the potential of saving hundreds of millions of dollars in customer retention for mortgage loan servicers. We also have a noble mission. AMM’s mission is to help homeowners make better financing decisions by being the direct gateway to obtain information and guidance from customer retention specialists at their mortgage servicer. We provide an otherwise unavailable win/win opportunity for borrowers and their mortgage servicers!, LLC launched in June of 2015. Our first meeting with loan servicers was as an exhibitor in October of 2015 at the MBA National Convention in the San Diego Convention Center. We have since attended, exhibited, and presented at many industry events where we have met face to face with most of the top 50 mortgage loan servicers and many of the smaller mortgage servicers. We have created strategic relationships with several prominent industry partners, the senior leadership at several mortgage servicers, and other mortgage finance leaders have told us they like our concept, but their marketing departments have required us to prove we can send them a significant number of their customers to justify the time and expense of doing business with AMM. We had an opportunity to demonstrate our lead generating in 2019, but we ran out of capital and now believe the best course of action is to sell the company.

Because AMM owns a process patent, other companies may not be able to replicate what AMM does, and they would benefit from acquiring the rights to our patent and our trademarks. Industry service providers more mature than AMM already have a significantly higher penetration rate with our “target clients,” so acquiring AMM could be added as an additional service very quickly.

aboutMYmortgage Patent Information

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For any questions or to
make a formal offer,
please contact:

Tim Allen, CMB®
Founder of, LLC
Direct: 239.571.5440