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Together we can change the idea of having a consultation with your mortgage servicer before you refinance from never considered into an absolute necessity.

The Problem:

Homeowners often make costly mistakes when refinancing a mortgage because they do not understand all the facts about the mortgage they already have and the refinancing options available from their existing mortgage servicer.  Mortgage loan originators are not compensated for giving homeowners advice, while customer retention specialists at their existing mortgage servicer are compensated for giving advice. This advice could help homeowners avoid mistakes that cost thousands of dollars.  Until now, customer retention specialists had no opportunity to compete with loan originators at this important juncture.

The Solution:, LLC’s patented solution connects homeowners who are actively looking to refinance with their mortgage servicers. Customer Retention Specialists are provided the opportunity to educate them on the mortgage loan they have and offer solutions that can save homeowners thousands of dollars. Homeowners are thus empowered to make an informed decision in what is likely to be one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives.  Our patented technology is disruptive in that it creates an industry that does not presently exist in a meaningful manner.

The Opportunity:

Over 66 million homeowners in America have mortgage debt and access to the Internet. Millions search the Internet for refinance information every year.  Unfortunately, mortgage servicers do not have enough forewarning that a borrower wants to refinance until it’s too late. attracts homeowners actively looking to refinance and connects them with their mortgage servicer during the initial information gathering process. As a member of our Preferred Servicer Network, your current customers will be shepherded back to your customer retention specialists so they may answer questions about a borrower’s mortgage and provide products or other solutions. empowers mortgage servicers to:

  • Retain valuable customers
  • Provide customers educated choices
  • Reduce customer complaints
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