Comments About AMM Comments from Industry Professionals consumer driven mortgage business created by Tim Allen, CMB. The timing of the rollout of this company couldn’t be better. Its primary purpose is to assist consumers with questions about their mortgage options and to serve as a “bridge to understanding” between the consumer and their lender or servicing agent. In this time of mortgage confusion with the multiple options that are available to loan consumers, this service is so important in today’s mortgage world. Tim’s leadership and integrity combined with his new business venture “” is truly the basis of a very successful enterprise. I wish him and the company good luck and many, many years of helping today’s mortgage consumers with guidance and great advice to help them navigate through these difficult mortgage times.  Michael Culbertson, Credit Risk Executive Director – Financial Institutions Group – Corporate Client Banking, JP Morgan Chase

Tim has been working on behalf of the consumer for many years and has had some great breakthroughs with “aboutMYmortgage”. Ever since the worst housing crisis since the great depression, the industry and partners have been working to make the process of mortgage lending and loan servicing a better experience for the homeowner. At a time when transparency is still not the norm, Tim has created a gateway for homeowners to receive information and assistance from the mortgage loan servicer. By enhancing interaction with the loan servicer and consumer, this tool should go a long way for working through issues and refinancing a mortgage if it makes sense for all parties. Congratulations to Tim for advancing the ball on his company with new clients and for helping borrowers find a way forward. Faith Schwartz, Senior Advisor at Accenture Principal, Housing Finance System Strategies, LLC

What an incredible service provides. I always tell my clients you need to have ALL the information before you can make any informed financial decision. provides that valuable information. David M. Kover, CFP Managing Partner, Vertical Financial Group, LLC

Tim—As I told you when I first ran across your new offering at the beginning of this year—aboutMYmortgage is not only a Mortgage Servicer’s answer to help greatly strengthen their current customer retention efforts but it is also a “must have” run-off protection product for those entities who only own MSR’s/Excess MSR’s but do not service these loans. With no set-up fees, no integration fees, no management fees and no long term contract—I can’t think of one reason why either of these 2 groups wouldn’t want their customer returned to the Servicer or Sub-Servicer to provide the best possible solution(s) to their needs at that time. Well done and Congrats on allot of hard work over many years including the patent you received on this product as well! Tommy Adkins VP Warehouse Lending Sales Manager at Commonwealth Bank & Trust

If we look at where the regulatory community has been going, this makes a lot of sense. The borrower now have the capability to be fully informed from both sides of the transaction process. William Klumper Experienced Chief Information Officer, Chief Security and Privacy Officer

Having a retention-specific focus and strategy, including customer care representatives that have the sales skills to combat the heavy recruiting efforts that the competition is pitching to your customers, is an absolute must-have for an optimized servicing center. On top of that, good, old-fashioned customer service is extremely important, as you will see organizations that rank higher on customer service surveys generally rank higher in retention. That said, in this day and age a significant portion of prepayment speed is being driven by purchase activity. It is also essential to use tools such as match-to-listings, trigger leads, and purchase modeling to effectively recapture borrowers in your portfolio that are purchasing a new home now or in the foreseeable future. Kyle Bensen, CMB, Lender Insite Sales Director, MGIC

I always find having information to be so valuable in making decisions. I credit you for solving a pain point for mortgage holders who just need to know more about what their options are and true costs. Deborah Johnson Investor Engagement & Breeze Investment Team, The Arcview Group

Great idea! Why did it take so long for someone to figure it out? Tim, this is excellent! Spread the word. Timothy Cartwright Chairman at Tamiami Angel Funds

An educated consumer should be a happier consumer. Dan McLaughlin Managing Director, The Hilltop Companies, President, Hilltop iSolutions at The Hilltop Companies

I see filling a gap, that to a degree has always existed between a consumer/borrower and their mortgage servicer. I believe that will be an effective communication link Wishing Tim and his much success in helping homeowners and mortgage servicers to become better connected. Sam McCullough President and Chief Executive Officer of the Griffin Holdings Group LLC. | Former President and Chief Executive Officer of Meridian BanCorp.

Tim managed SW Florida for me at National City. He built SW Florida from scratch to well-oiled machine to be one of the most profitable districts in the Southeast. I highly recommend Tim. he was an outstanding teammate and business partner!  Paul Ramos Senior Vice President of Production, loanDepot

Type “time to refinance mortgage” into Google and in 0.59 seconds, you’ll get 9,050,000 results; naturally people are overwhelmed. So what they do is just “click and hope for the best.” “” provides consumers with the added step of not overlooking their current servicer as a possible source of that refi, an option that could actually be the best choice for them. It’s also an option that whomever the homeowner clicks on in their Google search has no obligation of which to make them aware. The benefit of “AboutMYmortgage” is that even if the homeowner doesn’t know how to get to the right person at their mortgage-servicer to discuss refinance options, “AboutMYmortgage” does. The gap that “AboutMYmortgage” bridges ensures that consumers have ALL the information they need to make the decision that’s best for them. What Tim and his team have put together here only serves to benefit the consumer, which is always the desired outcome. Frank DiLorenzo Senior Credit Officer SunTrust

Tim Allen, CMB, and‘s patented process bring homeowners and mortgage servicers together to assess the consumers best interest in relation to their current loan. The result is higher retention rates and increased customer satisfaction. utilizes analytics and technology to change the way servicer’s think about and manage retention efforts – a critical differentiator in today’s market and the right approach to creating a lender for life relationship. Lisa M. Weaver, CMB Executive, Financial Services Sector, IBM

Anyone looking to refinance their home loan in this rapidly changing interest climate should look at For no cost to you, it provides invaluable help for making the correct decisions while saving you money on your loan refinancing. Gordon Hyde MD FACS

Luckily, I’m a longtime friend of Tim Allen, CEO and Founder of aboutMYmortgage. When I first heard from Tim that he finally got his idea patented to bring mortgage customers back to their Mortgage Servicers to hear what options they have instead of refinancing, I asked him if I could invest in this, and he said yes. Being a Real Estate Investor and familiar with all sorts of mortgages, I really liked the idea. To me it’s a win/win for everyone in the equation. I could see as a truly honest approach to help the consumer. The transparency this creates will be very welcome to the Mortgage Consumer. Steve Klosterman Independent Investor

I serve as business advisor to information services and technology companies who offer the potential for dramatic improvement in carefully targeted markets. Tim Allen, with his extensive experience in the mortgage business, pursues an exciting vision with aboutMymortgage, that promises to deliver improved effectiveness to the mortgage servicing process. As a result, it will be easier for consumers to better understand their alternatives and the tradeoffs as they consider home mortgage refinancing. Mortgage servicers stand to benefit as AMM connects them with their clients who, because of their questions, may be “at risk.” This approach combines timely connections between servicer and client with clear, accurate information for making decisions. Robert A. Nero Managing Director at Lakebend Advisors LLC

I have been assisting aboutMYmortgage as a business consultant. Tim has impressed me with his ideas leading to founding aboutMYmortgage and his strategy for building the business. I previously spent a number of years in the mortgage industry and understand the long-term financial benefits of keeping a current customer. What aboutMYmortgage does is communicate with mortgage customers, who are contemplating refinancing, and educates them with respect to course of action options. Many customers are aware of their mortgage brokers, but not the critical information pertaining to the company “servicing” its mortgage. aboutMYmortgage facilitates the connection between the mortgage customer and its servicer, in such a way that the mortgage customer realizes the best refinancing outcome, and the mortgage servicer has the opportunity to retain the customer. Peter Phelps CFO Summit Financial Solutions, LLC