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How We Help Homeowners

aboutMYmortgage.com helps homeowners by providing a direct channel for communicating with a customer care specialist at their mortgage loan servicer.

We believe that all borrowers who are considering financing should be provided an opportunity to discuss refinancing, home equity loans, purchasing and alternatives to their current mortgage servicer.

Our goals are simple, yet comprehensive. We exist solely to:

  • Empower homeowners to make the most informed decision possible regarding mortgage financing and their financial future by connecting them to their mortgage loan servicer to learn ALL the facts about their current mortgage loan.
  • Provide an open communications opportunity between homeowners and servicers to get assistance or help resolve any misunderstandings that may occur.

Our Servicer Network is comprised of mortgage servicers who have willingly agreed to have open dialogues with their current customers. You should be aware that, since we are a new and innovative service, not all mortgage servicers are part of our network. If your mortgage servicer is not in our network yet, we will work with you to inform them of your intentions.

There is NO Obligation and NO Cost to have your Servicer call you. aboutMYmortgage receives a fee from Mortgage Servicers that use our service.

Click on the button below, fill out the brief form, and we will have your servicer get in touch with you!

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Our Easy 3-Step Process

aboutMYmortgage.com provides homeowners the opportunity to communicate with their mortgage servicer in the initial stage of their refinancing endeavor. Our process is easy and the benefits are invaluable:

1. Homeowners complete a 3-minute form
2. aboutMYmortage.com qualifies homeowner information and delivers consultation request to Servicer in real time
3. Servicer’s Customer Retention Representative contacts homeowner